Josh Commer SI42

Joshua Commer grew up in Staten Island since he was 10 years old. Over the years as it happens with kids he was exposed to Hatzolah when he or his sibilings would get hurt. Impressed by members response when his grandfather suffered a stroke in his house on Dorothy Street Josh knew then that was exactly what he wanted to do as well. Help people in need. It wasn't until years later while in college when Josh joined the schools first aid squad that the honor of serving the community was solidified in his mind. After getting married and moving into his home community Josh joined Staten Island Hatzolah and has been a member for the last 15 fifteen years. Help Josh Commer commer continue to help those in need as the community community continues to grow.


  • Randee Ehrlich $36.00

    May the beard keep you going...

  • Levi Katzman $100.00
  • Anonymous $180.00
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Contact info

PO BOX 140718 Staten Island, NY 10314

Phone Number

+1 718-698-8171