Benny Wahrhaftig SI43

Dear friend, Over the past 2 years the Staten Island Jewish community has grown tremendously, expanding its borders way further than ever before. As the community grows unfortunately so does Hatzolah's call volume. Hatzolah of Staten Island prides itself in having the best lifesaving equipment, but equipment gets old and expires and needs to be replaced. As a member and a dispatcher of this important lifesaving organization, I get to see firsthand the important work that we do. Therefore, I have undertaken to help raise money to cover Hatzolah's budget. Become a partner in the next life I save and donate today!!!


  • Anonymous $26.00

    Keep up your great work

  • Yisroel Biegeleisen $18.00

    Keep up your great work

  • Anonymous $500.00
  • Anonymous $140.00
  • Yaakov Feingold $50.00

    Hatzlocha Ben!! Keep up the amazing work. וכל מי שעוסקים במדעי ציבור באמונה....

  • Melissa Mensh $54.00

    Thank you for being there when my family needed help!

  • Yaakov Weisz $36.00
  • Shua Katz $100.00

    Thank you Benny for all your hard work in the community

  • Yosef Wahrhaftig $36.00

    From strength to strength

  • Anonymous $180.00

    Keep giving us nachas

  • Michael Lerer $18.00
  • Boruch Shaya Schechter $111.11

    Rock on

  • Yaakov Kaplan $18.00

    In honor of SI-43, and in honor of "way back when"

  • Yossi & Susie Kellman $118.00

    Keep giving us nachus! The shver and shvigger

  • Anonymous $180.00

    Keep Calm My Tatty is a Hatzolah Member!

  • Benzion Obstfeld $72.00

    Benny, keep up your holy work!

  • Chesky Rosenfield $36.00

    Benny, Your smile and happy go lucky attitude keeps us up at all times. Hatzlocho

  • Arya Grunzweig $100.00

    Arye Grunzweig

  • Anonymous $800.00
  • Anonymous $180.00

    Benny keep up the good work

  • Anonymous $101.00

    Keep up the great work Benny!

  • Moshe Hanich Friedman $26.00

    Benny, Keep up your great work + extra Hatzolah duties and dispatching skills!

  • Favel Sofer $50.00
  • yisroel stroh $100.00
  • Josh Goldgrab si57 $18.00
  • Chaim and chevy Oberlander $100.00

    Benny Keep on doing your great shlichus for the ribona shel olam. You're an inspiration to all.

  • Chaim Tuchinsky $43.00

    Keep up your great work!

  • Avraham Gelbman $36.00

    Keep it up

  • Booky Kaluszyner $72.00

    Thanks benny for always being there in time of need

  • Anonymous $72.00

    Benny is חסד

  • Pinny Taub $50.00

    Benny, to you and the entire crew. Thank you

  • Efraim Schnall $43.00

    Keep up the good work

Contact info

PO BOX 140718 Staten Island, NY 10314

Phone Number

+1 718-698-8171