As doctors, we have all been in a situation where a person from our community is in a medical crisis and needs immediate treatment in a hospital. The events can unfold quickly and be complex, requiring tremendous coordination to make sure the patient gets proper care. Without batting an eye, we call on our local volunteer Hatzolah members, who literally come running day or night, leaving their responsibilities to family and jobs to help those in need. The response includes multiple EMT’s and paramedics who perform first aid and provide lifesaving support. Additionally, they are there to provide a proper transition from the community to the emergency room and continually advocate for their patients. Their expertise is imperative in these moments and is greatly relied upon.
The herculean efforts put forth by our fellow community members who volunteer for Hatzolah often go unrecognized. Besides helping our community during medical emergencies, they are constantly asking us how they can help our practices and patients if any emergency situation arises.
It is imperative that WE as a community step up to “our call” to help Staten Island Hatzolah as they step up when they are called on to help us. We, as physicians who work and live in this great community, are asking you to generously support this appeal.  If you are ever in a situation where you would need to rely on Hatzolah – they will be there for you quickly, compassionately and with the utmost professionalism.

Please contribute at www.sihatzolah.org

or send in your donations to:

Hatzolah of Staten Island
PO Box 140718

Staten Island, NY 10314

Thank you,
Dr. Rauvan Averick
Dr. Akiva Bergman
Dr. Joel Blush
Dr. Seth Brum
Dr. Zalmen Brody
Dr. Louis Emmer
Dr. Alan Friedman
Dr. Paul Gessman
Dr. Cary Goldsman
Dr. Aron Gottesman
Dr. Morton Kleiner
Dr. Martin Klahr
Dr. Elie Kopstick
Dr. Jonathan Leibowitz
Dr. Robert Moskowitz
Dr. Eli Purow
Dr. Alan Perel
Dr. Mark Raden
Dr. Jeffrey Tambor
Dr. Shye Wortman
Dr. Abe Zerykier